The club has a number of traditions that happen year to year. Typically we have two multi-activity beginner events each year. One in first semester and one in second semester. These events are aimed at introducing people to the sports and getting more people involved in the club. We also have a bunch of events and traditions that happen haphazardly from year to year depending on interest level and motivation of the people involved.

Annual Events

Big Weekend

The Big Weekend is a multi-activity beginner trip that happens in first semester. This is usually the biggest trip of the year and a lot of organisation goes into making it a success.


Presidents Surprise Bushwalk

The Presidents Surprise Bushwalk is a multi-activity beginner trip that happens in second semester.

Other Traditions and Events

Beer and Gear Fest

The Beer and Gear nights are aimed at getting all the gear returned to the club and performing an inventory on the gear we have. The gear should also be checked for wear and retired as appropriate. The "beer" part of the deal is to motivate people to rock up and actually do the work. It is usually provided by the club along with a snag or two. The Fest may actually end up being a BBQ one afternoon on campus or something that happens instead of the pool session.


Crapon was the club newsletter before we moved to publishing trip reports online. Crapon was filled with trip reports and wacky stories from our members. Some of the past issues are available online.

Fallen Angels

The Fallen Angels award is awarded to current or recent club members who have taken a fall (literally) or other mishap in such a spectacular manner that it is worthy of recognition. Past awardees of this prestigious title include:

Name Location Year
Jim Grelis Frenchmans Cap, TAS 1973
Neville J Byrne Frog Buttress, QLD 1974
Kieran Loughran Werribee Gorge, VIC 1974
Kieran Loughran Mt Malte Brun, NZ 1976
Len Broekman Grampians, VIC 1988
Daniel Elton Blue Mountains, NSW 1990
Len Broekman Mt Arapiles, VIC 1992
Jenny Elliot Cathedral Ranges, VIC 1994
Nicholas Craven-Kalber Spurt Wall, Grampians, VIC 2001
Andrew Haskell Grampians, VIC 2002
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