Brittannia Creek

Britannia Creek Caves near Warburton are close to Melbourne and often visited for a spot of night caving despite their relative small size. The caves are granite boulder caves with a stream running through the bottom of it. There is a good chance that you will get wet, particularly if one squeeze is taken on the way out. The caves are appealing due to the maze like nature and multiple entrances. Due to their small size they are only good for a short visit.

Where is it?

Brittannia Creek is a short drive from Yarra Junction, about 90 minutes from La Trobe.


When we visit Brittannia Creek, the cost is typically a share of the petrol and gear hire. This is often in the vicinity of $20 and we will also stop for snacks or a meal on the way there or back.

What do I need?

You need all the caving gear outlined in the main caving page here.


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