Cross Country Skiing

The winter alpine environment provides a lot more than just crowded ski resorts and lifts queues. The lure of vast open plains of virgin snow, the magical atmosphere of ice-covered snow gums gleaming in the sun and the clean cold mountain air, makes cross country skiing an exhilarating, inexpensive alternative. In season experienced members take day trips for beginners and experienced skiers alike. The Club also has a number of sets of snowshoes, if you want to give winter walking a try.

Where do we go?

  • Lake Mountain
  • Mt Stirling
  • Mt St. Gwinear
  • Falls Creek
  • Mt Hotham
  • Bogong High Plains

What do I need?

For Day Trips

In general wool or Fleece (polyester) items are best as they keep you warm even when wet. Leave the Jeans at home! When they get wet, they are uncomfortable and are made of cotton so will not keep you warm. If you do not have anything, please ask, someone may have spares to lend you for the day. You must have suitable clothing, or you risk being left at uni! If you show up wearing jeans, you will not be leaving Melbourne!

Items in bold are available for hire from LUMC. Your trip leader will assist with hire of gear.

  • Skis boots poles (make sure boots and skis fit together, may need to hire elsewhere if club ones are not the right size for you)
  • Waterproof jacket / Japara preferably not padded and not nylon “spray jacket”
  • Over pants (like a Japara for your legs)
  • Day pack
  • Thermals (available from Outdoor shops)
  • Fleece / wool jumper
  • Sunglasses / goggles - Dont forget me!!!
  • Sunscreen
  • Beanie - wool or fleece
  • Tracksuit pants or ski pants or thermals and overpants (NOT JEANS)
  • Gloves (more than 1 pair is useful if you have them) if not waterproof, can use dish washing gloves over top to keep them dry.
  • Thick wool socks (wool “Explorers” are good)
  • 1L water bottle minimum.
  • Snacks (nuts, chocolate) and Lunch (check with trip leader what is required).
  • Dry change of clothes to leave in car

Also Useful

  • Balaclava
  • Fleece vest
  • Gaiters (stops snow getting down your boots)
  • Plastic bag / small foam mat / safety blanket to sit on

Leave at home

  • Jeans
  • Anything with containing Cotton
  • Anything that you care a lot about or don’t want wet

For Overnight Trips

Have a read of our Snow Camping tips

All items are necessary unless otherwise stated as optional

Camping items

4 season sleeping bag+liner
2x Foam mats or Foam mat and Thermarest
4-season tent (share)
Shovel (1 per tent)
Stove fuel

Stove mat/seat
Pack liner (Big orange garbage bag)

Snow gear

Skis/boots/poles or
Snowshoes (must have solid hiking boots)





Thermal top and bottom
Thin wool jumper
Fleece jumper
Fleece vest (optional)
Non-cotton tracksuit pants (optional)
Warm mittens x 2
Thin gloves (eg for when you are packing up your gear)
Wool socks x2
Underwear (try avoid cotton)

Shell layer

Gaiters (optional, good if you are using leather ski boots)

Night wear (additional to above and to be kept dry until you are in the tent)

Thermal top and bottom
Thick fleece/down jacket
Thick wool socks (eg explorers)
Fleece pants (mmmm toasty, nice, but could live without)


Spoon, cup, bowl
Toilet paper
Small alchohol hand sanitiser
Map + compass (group gear)
Change of clothes left in car
pencil (so you can leave your intentions in the hut log books- pens dont like cold)
Nalgene waterbottle (doesn't crack when hot/cold mmm toasty hot water bottle!)