Bush Search and Rescue

Bush Search and Rescue

LUMC has members involved in Bush Search and Rescue- a volunteer organisation of competent outdoors people that assists Victoria Police if someone is lost or injured in the bush.

The next training for BSAR is TBC (usually May- June each year). All experienced bushwalkers are encouraged to attend.

Participating in club activities, particularly bushwalking and xc skiing are good ways to increase your skills so that you can join BSAR.

LUMC periodically organises info nights on BSAR. You need to be reccomended by LUMC to attend training sessions and endorsed as being proficcient in required skills and have all required equipment to be on the callout list. 

You can contact our BSAR representative for more infomation. See Committee

Bush Search and Rescue


As a prospective member of BSAR you need to (you are encouraged to attend training if you only currently meet some but not all of the criteria and when you are ready the club can nominate you for the BSAR call out list)

BSAR criteria

  • be an experienced overnight bushwalker or ski tourer
  • have successfully completed an extended walk of at least four days or more (plus a lot of other weekend walks inluding in awful weather)
  • have had snow camping experience (and be competent at snow skills)
  • be a competent off-track navigator
  • be fully equipped for overnight walking (including owning most of own gear)
  • be sufficiently fit for prolonged heavy scrub bashing in difficult terrain
  • be at least 18 years of age

more info here http://www.bsar.org/