Membership FAQs

Membership frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a member to go on club trips?

Yes! Club trips are for club members. If anyone could come on club trips, there would be no point joining, and so there would be no club or associated benefits such as a group of people to go on trips with, cheap gear hire, networking with other clubs, training, insurance coverage etc. So the short answer is yes, you need to be a member. If you are not a member and want to go on a trip sign up online now

How much is membership?

See Membership Pricing

Membership for students is $20 for the entire year and $40 for non-students. 

Memberships are valid from 1 Feburary - 31 Jan the following year, although you can sign up at any time during the year. If you are intereasted in joining mid year email

Do I have to be super experienced?

No, our club is for everyone, and our trips are at a range of levels. Some trips are suitable for beginners and others are for more experienced members there will usually be a information on the experience required but if you are unsure you can always reach out to the committee or the trip organiser.

What if I don't have equipment?

No problem, the club has a big stash of gear that as a member you can hire for club trips very cheaply. Having your own walking shoes, thermals and a fleece jumper is a good starting point. As you become more experienced and work out what sort of equipment you want you may choose to start buying your own gear

What if i don't have a car?

This is fine!  For most trips we organise car pooling with those going, consequently we only need 1 in ever 3-4 people to be able to drive.  Everyone shares transport costs (see below). 

What do trips cost?

Club trips are the cheapest way for you to get outdoors! All trips are run at cost. Your expenses will include

Transport -  This is usually the most expensive part and will vary depending on location and how far you need to travel and how many people you can fit in your car to share fuel costs with.

We try to organise transport from uni.  Refer to our fuel reimbersment policy for how we calculate transport costs

Camping fees - some trips there may be camping fees or resort entry depending on location

Gear hire - if you need gear for trips, you can hire from the club. Typically gear is $10/day, $15/weekend 

Food - you have to eat at home anyway ....

I am under 18, can I join?

No, sorry, we look forward to meeting you when you turn 18!  If you apply for membership and are not yet 18, your membership application will be placed on hold until you turn 18. Unfortunately you cannot attend club events while your membership application is on hold.

I am not affiliated with La Trobe, can I join?

We have a places for non-affiliated members . If you think you would make a good club member and have skills that would benefit the club email with your membership request, if approved, you will be given a discount code to join online.

As a university club, we do want to prioritise student engagement, but there are no rules against non-affiliated signups.

Can I bring my drone?

Unfortunately no, whilst we love an encourage photography please don't bring drones on LUMC trips. Drones on club trips mean our trips are unlikely to be covered by our insurance and there are often additional permits (National Parks, State Forest, Crown Land Reserve Act  Permits). Drones can also compromise the tranquill, remote location that is an asset to club trips.