How to access your LUMC online account

Here you can veiw your virtual membership card, see upcomingand events you have signed up for and update any of your account details (address etc)

1) Visit the LUMC website and log into the member login at the top right corner


2) Put in your username and password (given during membership registration) 

3) Go to account (top right corner) and show your membership ID with your name

4) Here you will find your virtial membership card (with your name on the top, Great for proving you are a current member!).
You may like to bookmark this page in your browser so you have it handy.

On the same page you can also update your personal details and veiw payments/invoices and events coming up. 

You can veiw all future events you have signed up to using the "My Events page".

This is great to keep track of all the great events hosted by LUMC and prepare for your next adventure - in case you did not already add the event to your personal calendar. 

If you need to cancel Please contact the trip organiser. They can edit your RSVP status that shows on each event you sign up to. 
This status is reflected on your event page.