Labertouche is a stream passage cave that was created by a tributary of Labertouche Creek. The accessible section of the cave is just under 175 meters and is entered through an old stream sink located above the active stream passages. While there is a river flowing through the cave, it is ankle deep and you are unlikely to get too wet. Labertouche is close enough to Melbourne and big enough that it makes for a good day trip.

Where is it?

Bunyip, south-east of the Melbourne CBD along the Monash Freeway, about 2 hours from La Trobe.


When we visit Labertouche, the cost is typically a share of the petrol and gear hire. This is often in the vicinity of $25 and we will also stop for snacks or a meal on the way there or back.

What do I need?

You need all the caving gear outlined in the main caving page here.


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