Lead Climbing

Lead climbing is a climbing style where a "leader" ascends the rock face while periodically attaching protection and clipping a rop to the protection. The rope trails down to the bottom of the climb where the belayer is attached to the rope and ready to catch the lead climber if they fall.

Lead climbing trips are generally run for more experienced climbers and you need to been to the Indoor Rock Climbing Gym several times before you can come on one of these trips and you need to be comfortable at heights. Unlike Top Roping trips, the climbs on these types of trips can be much longer - some longer than 150m. So much so that you may need to ascend the climb in several goes or "pitches".

As there is a maximum of two participants for every leader, the places on these trips are limited. The trips also tend to be run as weekend long adventures leaving on Friday night and returning on Sunday.

Where do we go?

Victoria is home to a number of world class climbing destinations

We also visit a number of other crags in Victoria and interstate when the opportunity arises.

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