Top Roping

Top Roping is a climbing style where the rope goes from the climber to an anchor at the top of the climb and down to a belayer on the ground. Top roping means that even if a climber slips, they can only fall a short distance. Top roping is also the style of climbing that most people are introduced to at the Indoor Rock Climbing Gyms. Top roping trips tend to go to crags with relatively short climbs. Climbs tend to be 25m high or less.

Top roping trips tend to be more focused on beginners as we can have a higher ratio of participants to leaders. If several top ropes are setup the participants can try out several different grades and types of climb with relative ease.

While it is advisable to have gone to Indoor Rock Climbing prior to going on an outdoor trip it is not necessary. The leaders on the trip can teach the participants how to tie in, belay and climb safely at the crag. Going to the gym before hand tends to make the outdoor trips much more enjoyable as you already have a baseline of skills to employ.

Where do we go?

There are a whole range of places that we have been for top roping trips but the two major areas are below. We go to these areas as they have climbs suitable for beginners and are relatively close to Melbourne.


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