The "aquatic ecstasy division" as it is known, offers the full complement of paddling pleasures!!! Ranging from sedentary paddles on the Yarra and the Goulburn to the ferocious white waters of the Franklin or Mitta Mitta. Meanwhile canoe polo provides a sport for the more competitive club members (though not necessarily more experienced!)

Basic paddling skills and rolling practice is held Tuesday nights from 8:00 pm to 10:00 in the Sports Center Pool at our pool sessions. So if you are a new club member who wants to learn which side of a boat is up or are an old hand who wants some practice just turn up. Pool sessions are free for members, or your first time! You must be able to swim to come kayaking or rafting.


Where do we go?

Beginner trips include

  • Yarra River (close to uni)
  • Goulburn River

Other locations

  • Mitchell River
  • Avon River
  • Mitta Mitta
  • Snowy River
  • Surf beaches
  • Penrith Watersports Olympic Kayaking course

What do I need?

River trips

  • You must have attended one of our pool sessions (even if you have been kayaking before)
  • Kayak, helmet, PFD, Paddle, Deck (you can hire these from the club)
  • Bathers and towel
  • Thermals / wet suit
  • Shoes to wear in river. e.g. Old runners or sandals that wont come off such as Tevas/Chacos. No CROCS or THONGS!!
  • Spare change of clothes to leave in car (in case you fall in)

More Info

Information on how to join a trip is located here. General questions about Kayaking can be directed to the convener


Kayaking and Rafting Photos

Video of one of our trips

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