Arapiles - November 2005

A group of us headed up to Arapiles for a sunny November weekend of climbing fun…


Springtime views out over the paddocks of the Wimmera plains.

On Saturday, Cath started up Hell for Leather (15) on the Atridae, after our earlier ascent of Muldoon (13). Meanwhile Sarah was playing with the beginners (Sofia and John) at the Plaque. Later in the day Cath and I wandered up Resignation (15), for some multi-pitching fun, before heading back to camp, then helping stretcher out an injured climber from Pedro - he was ok, but wear your helmets kids!


Cath on Resignation (15)

Sunday morning brought a lazy late start, then an all-girl ascent (Megan, Mela and Cath) of Kestrel, a funky 13, while Sarah and the beginners headed off to Bushrangers Bluff. After lunch, we all flocked to the Organ Pipes – Mela and Corey headed up Piccolo (11), Sarah hooked up with an American chick to do Diapason (7), Cath and Mikey wandered up Hornpipe (13), while Megan took John and Sofia up D Major (9) then Hornpipe (13).
The rest of the crew moved on to Pilot Error (20), which Cath led (hoorah), before being seconded by Corey. Meanwhile, Shaggy led up Tarzan (13), belayed by Mela.


Corey on Pilot Error


Mela moves past the Bouldery Start on Tarzan (13), only to reach the Awkward Bulge.

Then, rather unfortunately, a vanload of us had to drive back to Melbourne (via Spaghetti Pizza in Horsham), while the others keep hanging out at Arapiles for the week. Damn them.


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