Hotham - July 2006

Emily led six cross country beginners (Robyn, Mikey, Yuta, Anthony, Wade and Alice) to Mt Hotham during the first week of the winter break. We ventured to Mt Loch and Derrickā€™s hut, virtually the only possible destinations due to lacklustre snow cover. We also enjoyed a couple of short walks around the lodge and playing (and making a nuisance of ourselves) on downhill runs such as Big D and the Summit. What we lacked in snow we made up for in enthusiasm.


Heading out across the slopes

As a clumsy beginner I fell over countless times. However, by the end of the week I had improved my speed of recovery if nothing else. Having spent the days challenging ourselves physically we spent the evenings testing our mental agility and endurance playing cards, liar dice, monopoly and early eighties trivial pursuit.


Anthony with the mighty LUMC banner


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