Surprise Bushwalk – The Beeripmo Trail, by Ray

Uni was a pretty long drag with books, boring lectures and tutorials. That's when I came across the ' La Trobe Mountaineering Club' (LUMC). My friends joined it and I followed; thinking that I would just go Kayaking every Tuesday night. The very next week I signed up for a bush walking trip too. Well, it was a 'surprise bushwalk'. We were not told of the destination, until that very moment we left our Uni car park.


Photo L-R
Susan, Pete, Rob, Alex, Jacqueline, Justin
Mac, Emily, Jinu, Vicky, Ray
(Photo by Justin)

We left on a pretty cold friday evening, with all the backpacks and other stuff rented from the LUMC. A fleet of cars consisting of 15 LUMC-ers took off to Mount Cole, somewhere north-west Ballarat. We stopped for a great dinner at Ballarat, knowing that for the rest of the trip we had to survive on tin food or whatever else we had managed to sneak into our packs.

We reached the carpark around 9pm, and yet another surprise was broken to us - that we had to walk 2 kms to the campsite!! It was a trail of steep challenging steps. With the torch lights strapped to our head, we walked like nomads, carrying everything we needed for the weekend as backpacks. Boy was that fun! At 11pm, a pitch black campsite awaited us, but it was lit by a full moon. I had a sound sleep with nature singing lullabies with various rhythms; the poetic version of lightning followed by gushing wind Smiley


Stepping outside the comforts of a city life, in itself was an adventure for me, but each of these experiences enhanced it.

Morning chores weren't any different; we brushed what we had to brush and wiped what we had to wipe:)….
Chomping on some tuna sandwiches and spring onion dips (any combo goes when you're starving), we embarked on our day's inviting plan. A slow but picturesque walk up the mountain took us around a 10 km track through the forests. I felt the scenic walk was just what my mind and body needed. A breathtaking getaway is how i would describe my weekend. And yes, quite often if was literally break taking as the physically demanding walk took a toll on me, thanks to the 20 kg backpack. Gym memberships are just for charity, I can vouch for that!.

Around early afternoon, we reached the Mt Beeripmo campsite. We pitched our tents and continued to explore though the forests. The afternoon siesta rejuvenated us for a fun night around the campfire. I wonder if anyone noticed that I haven't yet figured out the rules of the games we played!


Sun set and rose again to witness a tired but resilient mob dragging themselves to the next venue. Nothing prepared us for the next sight - the ' Mount Buangor Lookout'. My words won't do any justice to the beauty of that place. You had to be there to believe it. We clicked away liberally with out digi-cams.


View from Mt Buangor Lookout (Photo by Justin)

We resumed our journey again through more beautiful sceneries and before we know it, here we are - back to our carpark after a 17 km walk over two days and two nights through two mountains. Whoa! what a sense of achievement. I wonder what LUMC has in store next!

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