Webmaster Guide

Within LUMC, the webmaster is responsible for managing and coordinating the information content (words and pictures) and organization of the Web site. They may also be responsible for keeping the web site computing infrastructure operating properly. This includes managing the servers and settings for mail, dns, our forum, smugmug, backups etc. However it may also be the case that other people that "own" the servers are responsible for managing the particular piece of infrastructure. The details, accounts and passwords for the infrastructure is located on the http://committee.lumc.org.au web site.

Quarterly Newsletter

At one stage, LUMC published a quarterly newsletter named "Crapon". Crapon included all sorts of information from trip reports, jokes, hints and tips, upcoming trips and LUMC discounts at retail outlets. Crapon ceased to be actively published after the web took over and has yet to come back. However something was lost and people were less likely to contribute trip reports if they could not see their work published to a broad audience. So Winter, 2009 and we are trying to bring back a regular newsletter in some form.

It is likely that at the end of each exam period an email will be sent out detailing the new trip reports, new photo galleries, upcoming trips and other interesting titbits.

Site Tools

There are a number of resource that help when organizing and editing the site. These include;

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