This page lists a bunch of items that need to be done on the website.

Public website

  • Add email form to contact page. (Talk to wikidot sysadmins to enable
  • Add trip intentions email form. (Talk to wikidot sysadmins to enable
  • Add "About" page
  • Describe the "Presidents Surprise Bushwalk" tradition
  • Describe the "Faus Pas" Ball/Slide night tradition
  • Describe the "Lunicyclist" tradition
  • Add Emergency contact document/trip report documents
  • finish of gear list on overnight ski trip
  • Fix up where to buy gear page- need to send off to wilderness and bogong for approval
  • Add in Bushwalking gear list to bushwalking page

Rock Climbing


Restricted website

  • Document the different caves that are on the caving CD
    • Document Honeycomb
    • Document Centipede
    • Document Razor
    • Document Oolite
    • Document Wilsons and access
    • Document Dicksons A
    • Document Dicksons B
  • Add in purchase descriptions for last year for climbing equipment (so can track when need to replace things)
  • Record new purchases (all?) and maybe stock inventory


  • Setup a gear tracking/management system in google gears- im not sure the point of this unless we put a computer with internet in gear store (emily )
  • Setup a trip tracking app that allows people to enter details of trips so that they can be displayed in forum and on web page. Also allows you to indicate people attending and all their emergency contact details etc
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