What To Bring To The Big Weekend

What to Bring

LUMC’s The Big Weekend will be held in the Cathedral Ranges State Park, 2 hours North East of Melbourne.

We will meet in car park 6 at 5.30PM on Friday 17 March; transport will be via car pooling. If you said that you can drive please remember to bring your car or let us know if you can no longer drive! We will confirm which cars we need on Tuesday. If you aren’t driving please help the driver by at least one person staying awake and maintaining conversation in the car.

Assistance packing up gear on Friday afternoon from 3pm would be greatly appreciated reply to emails asking for help if you are able to assist.

Friday night dinner will be purchased on the way (there’s a number of fast food stores in town- you can bring your own dinner to eat on the way if you prefer). Sunday dinner will probably be a counter meal on the way back, but if you want to be back earlier this is optional. The cost this year is $80 for students (non-refundable) and must be paid at signup for the weekend.

There is little (if any) phone reception at camp.

The trip is run entirely by volunteers, so please be nice to the tired, stressed leaders who do it for the love of teaching people, and seeing people get involved in the outdoors. Coordinating ~60 people, with kayaks rafts, climbing gear and all wanting food is not easy but with a little help it is works! Help packing gear, cooking, washing up and cleaning up camp is greatly appreciated. If you have a current 1st aid qualification and are willing to assist in this capacity, please let us know.

You MUST attend the meeting held on the Tuesday before the weekend to organise cars and equipment. If you cannot attend please contact committee- details below. Otherwise transport for you might not be arranged.

The Activities

The weekend will be split into three sessions, two on Saturday and one on Sunday.
We have allocated activities as best we can, so as many people as possible should get the preferences they requested, as well as ensuring there are enough cars in each group (Kayakers have a 25min drive to the river). Please no swapping groups! There will be plenty of time to see your friends at lunch and at night. If you have any urgent queries about groups you can email us - ua.gro.cmul|laicos#ua.gro.cmul|laicos

No drinking Alcohol at Lunchtime (or you will be stuck at camp doing chores for the cooking team the rest of the afternoon)

Please be ready promptly for activities, we have left without people before!
Saturday evening will be spent around the campfire after a BBQ dinner.

The Food

Please bring at least 3L of water (there is no drinking water at the campsite) and Lunch for Sat and Sun. Plan to have your own lunch and snacks with you, as some activities take a little longer than others.

Lunch things such as crisp bread, dried fruit, flat breads, tuna are suggestions, but plenty of other possibilities exist.

Breakfasts- We will provide lots of yummy breakfast food, but if you are fussy feel to bring your own cereal etc.

Dinner- We cater for vegetarians and cater pretty well for some other dietary requirements. Catering en mass, cross contamination is a possibility so if you have severe allergies you may need to bring your own food. If you are concerned, contact the committee in the week before the trip when we have more an idea of our menu. Don't forget eating implements!

Other notes

Space for transporting gear is likely to be limited, please bring the minimum amount required.
Please leave soaps, detergents, shampoos etc at home as they are not necessary. They pollute and damage the environment
For further queries: Email is best- ua.gro.cmul|laicos#ua.gro.cmul|laicos
Other contact details are on the club website.

What to Bring- if you are confused, please ask!

Sleeping bag **
Sleep mat or lilo **
Tent (or space in a tent) **
Toilet paper
Cup, bowl, plate, spoon, knife, fork (if you want to eat)
Water bottle
Garbage bag (for your rubbish and wet clothes)
Small First aid kit/ personal medication
Money for Friday/Sunday evening meal

Walking shoes eg runners/boots
Woollen jumper or fleece jumper
Long pants (not jeans)
T-shirt (no singlet tops- you will get sunburnt!)
Socks, underwear
Stuff for water activities (see below)

** If you don’t have any of the camping gear required don’t worry, ask around, family and friends often have something you can borrow. The club also has a limited amount of camping gear available for hire. (Gear store opening time in to be advised).

Extra info for KAYAKING/ Rafting on the Goulburn River

KAYAKING: You MUST be able to swim and must have attended a Tuesday evening kayaking session in the Sports centre pool (on tues nights)
RAFTING: You must be able to swim
(If the river level is low rafting may not be able to run we should know this by the trip meeting (the water released out of dam). If there is no rafting you will either be put into a different activity or into kayaking- if you have been to a training session and there is enough space.)

What you need for river activities

The river water is quite cold, so even if its hot outside you need to wear something warm. All this gear will most likely get wet so make sure you have a dry set to put on after. Try to avoid cotton clothing and wear either wool, fleece or thermal items as this will keep you warmer. The club will provide PFD, Helmet, Kayak, Paddle, Spraydeck.

Shoes: You MUST wear shoes on the river
- Runners or wetsuit booties or sandals/tevas/chacos (ie footwear that will not easily come off)
- No Crocs, No thongs! (They fall off!!) And no shoes = no kayaking or rafting. Shoes will get wet ie you will need 2 pairs of shoes for the weekend.
Woolen socks
Thermals or wetsuit
If you need to wear glasses and don't have contacts as an alternative make sure you have a strap so you don’t lose them!

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