The La Trobe University Mountaineering Club is led by a dedicated group of volunteers who are voted in each year. 
Each member of the committee has taken time out of their work and studies to make this club what it is, if you'd like to get more involved with the duties of the committee feel free to speak to one of us.


Executive Committee (x4)
President, Vice President, Club Officer, Treasuer

Convenors (x6) 
Bushwalking, Kayaking, Rockclimbing, Caving, Mountain Biking, Snow Sports Convenor

Other committee - Secretary

General committee (x2)

Deputies - (not part of committee however are elected by committee to assist in specific roles ) 
Gear store, Webmaster, BSAR, Pool session assistant, climbing assistant, social

Current Committee Positions and Contacts

Executive Comittee

Tan Bing Biao


Laura Adcock

Vice President 

Rachel Chiu

Club Officer

Emily Willocks




Imogen Ive

Bushwalking Convenor


Charlotte Russell-Maynard

XC Ski Convenor


Xanthorrhoea West

MTB Convenor


Michael Clark

Kayaking Convenor        


Caving Convenor

Callum McCrossen

Climbing Convenor


General Committee



General Committee



General Committee 



Emily Willocks


Deputy Roles

Secretary (previously public officer): Emily Willocks

Indoor Rock-Climbing Coordinator: VACANT

Camping coordinator: Alex Vollebergh 

BSAR Representative: Natasha Brohier

Rogaining: VACANT

Pool Session Assistant: VACANT

Webmaster + Emails: Xanthorrhoea West + Rachel Chiu

Social media:
Jack Altomare

Social Events: VACANT


Please note there are positions still vacant listed above!
We are a friendly club and encourage as much participation as possible. Plus it looks much better on your CV than blank space. 
If anyone is interested in these roles or otherwise helping out please email the